Applies in minutes, NO dry time, no streaks, chips, or oopsies,.
Lasts up to 14 days like gel and removes easily with no soaking!

The Polish Game Has CHANGED!

We’re out here traveling, teaching, loving, and living life.
What if you could skip the salon, axe the acrylic, give up the gel, and ditch the dip?
These dry nail polish strips in solids and dazzling designs give you a salon-quality manicure for a fraction of the price and without the hassle.

Glitter, Solids, Pastels…
You Name It!

There’s no shortage of selection. From clear to red to crystal-inspired shades to flowers and polka dots — there’s something for everyone! Comes petite and Pedicure sized so the little ones (and toes!) can get in on the fun!

See How Easy it Is to Apply Color Street Polish!

Salon-Quality Designs

Get gorgeous salon-quality designs in minutes with NO drying time! All shades limited edition.

Real nail polish, not plastic or vinyl. Always buy 3 get one FREE!

Get Back to What Matters Quickly

Who’s got time to wait for nails to dry? We’ve got places to go, people to see, and pups to pet. Not to mention planes to catch, classes to teach, sermons to preach… Color Street goes on dry, stays put for up to 14 days, and removes easily with no soaking.

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